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Latest News

  • Our general catalogue is growing steadily, but in near future our main focus will be concentrated on pedagogical works in order to promote music from our times in school programms and, in extenso, to make contemporary music more accessible.

    As for our Heritage section, thanks to the support of « Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte » LMP has published recently works by Edmond Cigrang, Jeannot Heinen and Carlo Hommel. New publications will enrich this section and will show interesting works of Luxembourg past composers.



  • LMP and INECC have published new choir arrangements of popular songs from Luxembourg. Beside the SATB, TTBB, etc. some arrangements have also been written for SAB to make this music more accessible for smaller choirs or ensembles. Meanwhile, this section has grown up to 65 titles.

  • From our catalogue.

    A selection of songs from LMP’s INECC catalogue have recently been recorded and are available now on CD.
    For more information:


  • New work by Roland Wiltgen to be premiered at Luxembourg Conservatory of music!

  • Piano works by Tasiana Zelianko to be performed by Russian pianist Alexandra Matvievskaya at Luxembourg Centre Neumünster

  • New catalogue online

    New publications, and still more to come!

  • New publications by Alexander Müllenbach and Camille Kerger.

    LMP has just published interesting works by Alexander Müllenbach and Camille Kerger. Stille Musik is Alexander Müllenbach’s most recent work for piano solo and should interest a lot of pianists both for its pianistic and musical aspects, whereas Camille Kerger finished some weeks ago Parenthèse for clarinet and piano


    Luc Grethen joins LMP

    LMP’s catalogue is growing substantially, as Luc Grethen, a well known and much appreciated Luxembourg composer is joining our edition. No less than 15 different works will be progressively published, among instrumental music, chamber music, symphonic music, music for wind orchestra and several compositions of liturgical character.

  • We have just put online a clarinet concerto by Claude Kraus.

  • Pedagogical section to be expanded

    Our board decided at its last meeting that LMP will substantially enlarge the Pedagogical section. It will be an important step to make Luxembourg composers more represented in music school and music conservatory programs and will offer a lot more choice for compulsory pieces in exams.

  • Heritage section: Carlo Hommel published for the first time!


    Carlo Hommel for sure belongs to recent Luxembourg musical heritage. His influence on young organists, on construction or renovation of organs in Luxembourg and abroad was very important, his activities as a concert artist, a choir conductor and his involvement in Gregorian chant as well. As a composer his style was not contemporary, but we consider that this is a great occasion to pay tribute to an outstanding musician. He wrote quite a few organ pieces he played during church offices, he composed masses or pieces with liturgical character, and a few choir sets or arrangements on poems.

    With the support of Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

  • New publications by Nik Bohnenberger

    Bohnenberger NB

    3 new works are published by LMP: Nuages vermeils, for accordion and cello, commissioned by  Casino Luxembourg Forum d’art contemporain and premiered July 19
    Pyrphoros, for french horn and orchestra
    Su Ara, for soprano solo, tenor solo and concert band (with piano reduction)

  • New works by Camille Kerger

    IMG_9622_resized BW

    LMP brings out 2 recent works by Camille Kerger.
    His Ephémère, for solo organ, to be premiered in Helsinki in November, and Widderhorn-Lieder, for choir SATB, cello and piano.
    His orchestra piece Visual Music, for string orchestra, has been written in 1994 is being published after being revised by the composer

  • Clarinet concerto by Claude Kraus

    UGDA de Simmer Fluch - Workshop - Remerschen

    Written originally for clarinet solo and symphonic orchestra, this recent work is published with piano reduction

  • Heritage section: Jeannot Heinen (1937-209) published


    He truly belongs to Luxembourg musical Heritage. Heinen’s works for violin solo have been written for his wife Dora Entcheva who is still his greatest ambassador. Furthermore, the importance of these works are the reason why we publish the Sonatine for Violin and piano, the 4 Miniatures (and several transcriptions), and his 9 Caprices Luxembourgeois for solo violin right away from the beginning. As Jeannot Heinen had a very beautiful handwriting, we publish his Caprices as well in the manuscript version.

    With the support of Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

  • Philippe Partridge published by LMP


    LMP is going to publish works by French-American composer Philippe Partridge. His Stabat Mater, for mezzo-soprano solo, choir and instruments is the first one, Chorus 27, Qui seminant in lacrimis and Nocturne will follow soon.

    Born in Paris, he musically grew up in Italy where he studied piano, composition and opera singing but also musicology improving his knowledge of musical paleography and musical philology at the Pavia university. He accomplished his studies of composition with Davide Anzaghi (Milan conservatory) and successively with Franco Donatoni. He also sang in opera choruses in some of the most important theaters in Italy making a direct experience of the opera repertoire and its vocal aspects.


  • Heritage section: Works by Edmond Cigrang are online now!

    Our « Heritage » section  definitely takes off! LMP is proud to announce 6 publications by Edmond Cigrang (1922-1989)


    Edmond Cigrang’s work is of highest interest! His influence on the next generation of Luxembourg composers was important.
    He was considered as belonging to the avant-garde and his work proves to be profoundly innovatory even today.
    With the exception of a few pieces, his output revolves around chamber music, and shows a marked preference for the Lied and for small unconventional ensembles. This predilection reflects the growing importance in his compositions of
    sound colours and great variety in the musical dialogue.
    As a first step, LMP publishes Suite pour flûte, alto et violoncelle, Trio d’anches op. 5 pour hautbois, clarinette en la, basson, Partita per flauto solo, Spätherbst, 3 Lieder nach Gedichten von Anise Koltz, für Sopran und Klavier, Lieder nach Gedichten von Paul Henkes, für mittlere Stimme und Klavier (Neufassung 1986), Lieder nach Gedichten von Christian Morgenstern, für hohe Stimme und Klavier.

    With the support of Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.


  • New publications to come!

    Our « Heritage » section will definitely take off in September with publications by Edmond Cigrang, Jeannot Heinen, Carlo Hommel, and, we hope, René Mertzig.

    Edmond Cigrang (1922-1989): Suite pour flûte, alto et violoncelle, Trio d’anches op. 5 pour hautbois, clarinette en la, basson, Partita per flauto solo, Spätherbst, 3 Lieder nach Gedichten von Anise Koltz, für Sopran und Klavier, Lieder nach Gedichten von Paul Henkes, für mittlere Stimme und Klavier (Neufassung 1986), Lieder nach Gedichten von Christian Morgenstern, für hohe Stimme und Klavier.

    Edmond Cigrang’s work is of highest interest! His influence on the next generation of Luxembourg composers was important.

    Jeannot Heinen (1937-2009): Sonatine für Violine und Klavier op. 45, 9 Caprices luxembourgeois pour violon seul, sur des thèmes et des motifs de mélodies populaires luxembourgeoises, op. 110, 9 Caprices luxembourgeois pour violon seul, sur des thèmes et des motifs de mélodies populaires luxembourgeoises, op. 110, édition manuscrite, 4 Miniatures pour violon et piano op. 115a (1981), 4 Miniatures pour violon et piano, transcription pour alto et piano op. 115b (1981), 4 Miniatures pour violon et piano, transcription pour violoncelle et piano op. 115c (1981), 4 Miniatures pour violon et piano, transcription pour flûte et piano op. 115d (1981), 4 Miniatures pour violon et piano, transcription pour quintette à vent op. 115e (1981).

    A very prolific composer! We will start with his works for violin, composed for his wife Dora Entcheva.

    Carlo Hommel (1953-2006): « O Mamm léif Mamm » 7 variations pour orgue, Missa in tempore paschali Kyrie, pour chœur, 3 trompettes, 2 trombones, Gloria IX op Lëtzebuergesch, chœur SATB a cappella, Nuit d’été L. Menager, adapt. pour choeur mixte de Carlo Hommel, Erlöste, ersteigen wir singend das Land für Chor SATB a cappella, Text Gregor Stein, Eise Papp am Himmel, Chor SATB a cappella, Veni creator, chœur d’hommes et orgue.

    Carlo Hommel was organist at the Cathedral of Luxembourg and wrote mainly for catholic church offices. LMP wants to pay tribute to an important figure of our recent musical environment.

    As for René Mertzig (1911-1986), maybe the most important Luxembourg composer of 20th century, we are waiting for the final ok of publication permissions.

    Three important works of Alexander Müllenbach will be published as well: „Ritual“ für Vlioline, C-Trompete & Schlagzeug (1981), “Lost Islands” für Vlioline, Klarinette und Klavier (1988), and his most recent 4hands piano piece “Paysages Imaginaires”, premiered at Aspekte Salzburg 2016.

    Next composer to join LMP will be Philippe Partridge. Some of his recent works will be published this autumn.

    Our board decided that the « Pedagogical » section should be developed intensively. LMP will particularly focus on this section, next year.

  • Jérôme Kauffmann

    Kauffmann J. BW

    Another young composer joined our edition. Trained in Esch/Alzette, Bruxelles, Paris and Sarrebruck, more then ten works will be published for the beginning. Welcome and good luck!

  • New catalogue

    Our updated catalogue is online now

  • Claude Kraus

    UGDA de Simmer Fluch - Workshop - Remerschen

    who recently joined our edition belongs to the very young generation of Luxembourg composers. All of his works show a stunning talent and predict a very promising future. This new participation also shows that LMP is establishing itself as the must-publishing platform of the Luxembourg contemporary music.

  • Support for Heritage section


    LMP has been granted an important financial support by Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte. OE supports LMP’s project “Heritage” to publish important works of former national composers. Laurent Menager’s String Quartet, maybe the first chamber music composition in our history has already been edited, preliminaries for the publishing of works by René Mertzig, Jeannot Heinen and Edmond Cigrang will soon be completed and we are confident that before of the end of the year quite a few publications will be listed in this section of our catalogue.

  • Jeannot Sanavia

    recently joined our edition. “Hélice”, his symphonic work to be premiered in September by Solistes européens Luxembourg and Christoph König, is his first composition be published by our association.
    Other works will follow.
    Good luck!

  • ChordWeaver for composers

    Among the huge catalogue of music apps for download on iTune Store there is a very interesting app, kind of a composing utility, developed by a Luxembourg native musician who is living now in the United States.

    Jeannot Welter was born in Differdange/Luxembourg. He began his musical studies at the Conservatoires of Esch/Alzette and Luxembourg, pursuing for 8 years at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris. He also completed by a master class for conductors at the Mozarteum in Salzburg under the auspices of Herbert von Karajan.

    From 1974 through 1984 he taught theory, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, musical analyses and orchestration at both Conservatoires in the Grand Duchy.

    In 1979 Pierre Cao, Melchior Wéry and the Orchestre Symphonique de Radio-Télé-Luxembourg premièred “Ricercare” a concerto for viola and orchestra. He conducted e.a. the Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris, the Orchestre Symphonique de Radio-Télé-Luxembourg, the Sinfonietta-Luxembourg.

    After emigrating to the United States in 1984, he became involved in digital audio, computer based music creation, virtual instrument programming, acoustic modeling influenced by the work of Pierre Boulez at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and composed many works using electronic means.

    This was followed by a keen interest in and study of computer coding languages and the release in 2013 of “ChordWeaver”, a music composition application based on 5 part modern tonal harmony.


  • Marcel Reuter’s 

    “Drei Bagatellen für Flöte und Klavier” has been published recently. Next to come is his piano solo piece “Lichtungen”

  • Heritage, a new section of former Luxembourg music

    Laurent Menager’s String Quartet op. 1

    The string quartet op.1 by Laurent Menager ( 1835-1902 ) is symbolic in many ways: above all it seems to be the first ever piece of Luxembourgish chamber music; besides, Laurent Menager is the first Luxembourgish composer of consequence and the string quartet is his first catalogued work.

    The hallmark of this composition is its delightful freshness and spontaneity combined with good formal balance.

  • New partnership with INECC

    As a first step of our goal to become a kind of hub for publications of leading luxembourgish composers and associations, our edition has started a partnership with the “Institut Européen de Chant Choral Luxembourg” and is publishing a set of choral arrangements, mostly of well known luxembourgish songs.

    To see the whole section, please select  → Composer → INECC

  • New catalogue sections to come

    Our association is growing permanently, we will introduce new sections in our catalogue:

    « Pedagogical » references are scores with difficulty grades from very easy to medium and of high interest for music school programs.

    « Heritage » references concern important compositions of Luxembourg musical heritage. We will progressively realize and publish works of composers of former generations.

    « Choir » section is another one. As we had quite a lot of contacts concerning choir scores or song books, we will introduce this section as well. As a result of our partnership with INECC (Institut Européen de Chant Choral Luxembourg), we will publish sets of choral arrangements, mostly of traditional luxembourgish songs.

  • FLAC, the new Luxembourg composers association

    In many meetings where the Consultative Commission SACEM Luxembourg defended the interests of songwriters of Luxembourg it appeared that composers have a serious lack of organization at national and international level.
    On many occasions one had to regret that, unlike other European countries, there is no federation of Luxembourg composers in any form whatsoever. Due to this situation, the Commission SACEM, although so far recognized by the Ministry of Culture as representing “de facto” composers, was unable to play his role as it should in all circumstances, as well on a national level as on an international, especially European one.

    Some composers have been fighting for years to enforce the creative work in Luxembourg; in order to join in a union that defends the interests of authors, composers of music, all genres, a new non- profit organisation FLAC (Luxembourg Federation of Authors and Composers) has been created recently.

    This federation does not intend to substitute or add to existing structures, but rather to gather all genres: classical / contemporary, jazz / rock / pop, movie / pub, etc …. It will be the voice of all composers wherever necessary.


  • Partitions “on demand”

    par Marie-Laure Rolland

    Luxemburger Wort 7/2/2014

    Read more.

  • Interview Radio 100,7 – 5.2.2014

    19:05 – 19:30 Klassikmagazin
    Interview Guy Engels

  • Educational purposes

    It is a fact that Luxembourg composers are largely under-represented in the music programs of our schools and conservatories. Our issue is trying to fill the gap.

    But in general, the catalog of Music Publishers Luxembourg offers a very interesting repertoire to the curriculum. It significantly expands the repertoire of some instruments, and offers a large selection of works published for the first time. Thus, many works claim to be an almost ideal choice as “compulsory piece” for exams.

  • Alexander Müllenbach: « Komponieren ist nicht nur Musik schreiben, es ist eine globale Aktivität »

    Pizzicato 23/1/2014

    Read online.